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Want a better company culture? Create a smarter workspace

Zachary_SBMZachary_SBM Director of Digital Engagement and StrategyAdministrator admin

In this week's article, award-winning entrepreneur, Laura Boone, discusses how it takes more for a company culture to thrive than a perfectly crafted workspace. Running an exceptional organization also requires intention, personal introspection and leaders who lead by example. Do you agree with her conclusions? Let us know!

Want a better company culture? Create a smarter workspace

May 20, 2019
There’s so much more to the office than simply being a place where we work. It’s also where we celebrate, collaborate, connect and grow in our organizations. Within these walls, outstanding company cultures are made.


  • iceman1153iceman1153 President/CEO Member

    I agree all those who are in the management positions should learn all aspects of the company from the ground up. To many have no idea of a lot of the areas where they have employees who know more than they do, and creates animosity within the ranks. If you get your hands dirty and do and work all the jobs of those you supervise they will respect you for that and know that you understand their work. Bottom line care for your employees, help your employees and respect your employees and they will bend over backwards for you. I know since I teach all my employees and managers from the ground up.

  • CJDavis777CJDavis777 CEO Member

    Agreed. I have been reading reviews today on Indeed where employees slam the managers for not knowing the work that they do at XYZ company. It has been quite a few negative comments from employees who say that they are not respected and that their manager could care less about their effort with the organization. It is critically important to know all aspects of the company and to "care: about your staff!

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