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Have any small businesses been affected by the Government Shutdown?

Zachary_SBMZachary_SBM Director of Digital Engagement and StrategyAdministrator admin

A lot of the media attention around the government shutdown has focused on how federal employees are being affected. While that's very important, I'd be interested to hear how any small businesses might have been affected during this shutdown as well!


  • Janine_IMSJanine_IMS Administrative Assistant Member

    When the government shuts down I believe it reaches everyone to a degree. Our problem as a small business is when the government shuts down, they stop paying their bills. When a customer stops paying their bills a small business is forced to stop paying their bills. It is the trickle down effect and throws everything out of kilter.

  • Kevin_SBMKevin_SBM Small Business Engagement Manager Member ✭✭

    @Janine_IMS That is one of the many effects that small business owners who have government contracts face. Is this something your business is directly seeing? There have been other small business owners who have shared a similar sentiment.

  • hpattersonhpatterson Chef-Owner Member

    I was a newly-hired Food Program Director for a non-profit food business and am now looking for another job and relaunching my own brand because funding did not come through timely on several fronts for that project. It was a contract which was disrupted, so I couldn't file for unemployment and was stuck with monthly bills. I had to cash in my personal 401k to get through it, and there is no Federal reimbursement for me. Quite the opposite, I'll have extra penalties because of it!
    It was acutely painful, especially after working so hard to get things up and running, just to have everything slide sideways beyond my efforts. I'm moving on, and that's for the best. But this was a callously enacted, unnecessarily stressful time for so many. I am not willing to repeat this experience by relying on government stability as a major factor for my well-being again. I was not the owner of the nonprofit, so there was alot of the funding aspect outside of my control. I'll definitely be thinking differently on several fronts from here on out though.

  • Kevin_SBMKevin_SBM Small Business Engagement Manager Member ✭✭

    Thanks for sharing your story with us, @hpatterson. I am sorry to hear about the issues you underwent during this period. Especially because you had no control over any of it. Stories like yours are ones we try to share to show the impact a government shutdown can have and why bi-partisan discourse is important. Please keep in touch with any updates. You never know who might read your story and is going through a similar situation.

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