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What do you think is the best way to attract great employees and get them to stay?

Zachary_SBMZachary_SBM Director of Digital Engagement and StrategyAdministrator admin

There are a lot of benefits small business owners can offer employees ranging from higher salary, time-off, promotions, bonuses, healthcare, retirement programs, etc. What do you think are the best and most cost-effective ways to attract great employees and to get them to stay.


  • LinoneillLinoneill President & CEO Member

    Zachary, I just posted a couple of thoughts about this. They revolve around scenario interviewing and a targeted Onboarding process. It has been my experience that, used well, these 2 approaches can actually mitigate/solve the bulk of the retention challenges that can cripple small businesses. I could go on for hours about this with examples and thoughts about these 2 areas. They can springboard small businesses' profitability, productivity and renew commitment for all.

  • JHabsJHabs Unconfirmed, Member

    Hi @Linoneill - This is very interesting. I think I understand how scenario interviewing (and just a comprehensive interview process in general) could be a useful way to determine if a candidate is a good fit, but what exactly do you mean by "targeted onboarding process"? Thank you!

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