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Feedback: What Did You Think of President Biden's First 100 Days Address to Congress?

Kevin_SBMKevin_SBM Small Business Engagement ManagerMember admin

Happy Friday Small Business Community,

President Biden spoke at his first address to Congress on Wednesday, highlighting his accomplishments during the first 100 days of his administration and outlining his agenda for the coming year. Within his address, President Biden spoke about several small business issues and possible policy solutions to those issues, if supported by Congress.

Did President Biden speak on the issues that are important to you as a small business owner? Did the address give you hope as a small business owner moving forward? Let us know you thoughts! Your feedback will be helpful for us as we continue to advocate for small business issues on Capitol Hill.


  • HymieRodregouzHymieRodregouz Owners Member

    In the interest in equality of ideas, I am not happy with his first 100 days.
    My small business needs help, if I was a large business and a union shop I would be better off for the short term.
    But we will all be worse off in the long term when the notes come due.
    President Biden does NOT speak to issues that are important to this small business.
    President Biden does not offer hope to this small business moving forward.

  • UlmerphotoUlmerphoto Owner Member

    Disappointed. Stimulus hasn't arrived. both checks, Pass thru State of California Grants yet to materialize as promised. Concern over them aiding the boarder violations giving them a fairer shake than our own citizens

  • SandieGipsonSandieGipson Owner/Operator Member

    We as a small business are not happy with the current president and his policy and tax hikes. This unemployment Covid benefit is harming all business and is not encouraging Americans to get out and work. We shouldn't need outside encouragement, however money does talk.
    President Biden does not seem at all concerned for small Business.

  • yalebertolucciyalebertolucci CEO Member

    Not happy at all. 6 Trillion in spending proposed in the first 100 days. The Democrat party is going to bankrupt the nation and embed a socialist government that will control what every business in this country does and the tax rate for everyone will be way over 50%. Businesses big and small have their had out now for the government money but it will come back to bite every American and our Republic will be lost.

  • ArchitectArchitect Unconfirmed, Member

    Love it, love it. As a small business, I am thrilled. Very compassionate and interested to understand the perspective of the working class! So glad we finally have someone that thinks of others and not just the uber-wealthy. If history serves right, we will be in a much better place if he is able to do what he has mentioned. I believe these are not handouts but a leveling of the playing field. We need National Healthcare for everyone. FINALLY!

  • BrokerDonBrokerDon President Member

    Very diisappointing. Small businesses are going to be hurt with all the new taxes... Especially after taking financial hits from COVID-19 incessant changing shutdowns & reopening "Executive Orders" which change faster than stock prices. Many small business owners have worked for decades building assets for their kids... only to now face the insidious end of "Step Up Basis" which prevented families having to sell their assets just to pay all these NEW taxes. Capital gains tax increases will keep property owners from selling which will drastically reduce business property sales, making small business owners "tenants for life" because they can't find any properties for sale. Higher income taxes will also leave small business owners less capital to reinvest in their businesses and business properties.

  • wwwobbewwwobbe CEO Unconfirmed, Member

    Biden's first 100 days produced a breakthrough for my business.
    However I too am very concerned about those pesky unjust and onerous tax increases just as soon as I break out of five figure income purgatory associated with typical small business earnings. I definitely will be in a cold sweat as soon as my income approaches 400k and change, if it ever does, though, in that unexpected event, I might make a quickie marriage to bump it up to 500k.
    But I am sympathetic to the concerns of those who maxed out their "small business" loans at 10 million per unit for each of their franchise units in their corporate chain or string of independent subsidiaries in the first round of PPP that took place last spring.  Even though the banks that processed these forgivable loans were too busy to help anyone like me that was not big enough to be a small business...like many traditional small businesses I have between 3 and 10 employees.

    After all getting your hands on the hundreds of millions that went to big corporations, franchise owners, agricultural interests, conservative churches and wealthy celebrities with side businesses takes some skill and clearly you deserve those six and often obscene 7 to 9  figure incomes.  And certainly to raise tax slightly on all that hard earned income made possible by taxpayer funded  "forgivable loans"  is just "so unfair" as D. Trump would say.

    As for my more traditional small business (defined as 3-5 employees or so), I was ignored, passed over, told my documents were inadequate, application was not in compliance for just about a year.   I finally got heard  recently and probably not coincidentally with the first 100 days of the new administration and new SBA leadership.  I received some money one year later almost to the day of my initial application.  Not soon enough to avoid eviction and shutdown from my original place of business, but soon enough and with enough, though modest, funding to reopen.And all I could get was a loan, not the forgivable kind, but one that has a higher rate of interest 3 3/4% which frankly is still generous compared with the predatory lenders than call daily offering a few thousand dollars at rates of 30-45%.

    As for worrying about taxes associated with passing my business along to family members.  Well let's just say that my descendants look at how hard I work and the long hours and pretty much say "Thanks Dad for providing me with a good education so I can take a high paying professional job and have a life". 

  • blvette75blvette75 Owner Member

    My business has not been effected by the first 100 days of the Biden administration in a positive way as of yet. Athough I have retooled some of my technology for my business the contracts are not coming through. Although the effort is there by the new administration the new taxes if the contracts come through will just be an additional burden out of the deep hole that the pandemic has dug for my business and many others. I am glad to see others have been helped. But I can give stars for efforts I have no results that will help at this time. Never thought that a pandemic could have such long term ramifications on so many small business owners.

  • AMR1AMR1 Director of Operations - Owner Member

    I think Pres. Biden is not suited to be president. These have been the worst record of a President. There is no leadership, no cooperation, not involvement with "We the People" just executive orders that make no sense as there is no substitute plan for deleting those policies. ie The Border is a monumental Crisis and bribing the Golden Triangle does not solve this humanitarian crisis which he created. Biden is going to raise taxes which impacts small bus. He is going to raise the minimum wage which impacts small business, he is spending out of control which creates inflation thereby increasing our prices. You cannot object to anything because they cancel us, where is our freedom and where is the Unity that he promised. So, so far he has failed us! We can only hope the next 100 days are better as they can get any worse or can they?

  • Kevin_SBMKevin_SBM Small Business Engagement Manager Member admin

    @HymieRodregouz Thank you for your feedback here. This while help us as we navigate how to better help small businesses during and after the pandemic.

  • Kevin_SBMKevin_SBM Small Business Engagement Manager Member admin

    @Ulmerphoto I am sorry to hear about your disappointment. Have you reached out to any state/ federal agencies regarding the grant money?

  • Kevin_SBMKevin_SBM Small Business Engagement Manager Member admin
    edited May 2021

    @SandieGipson Thank you for your feedback. We are tracking the issue around workforce issues as we have heard from several business owners about difficulties getting their staff back to full capacity. If you would like to share more of your experience, please shoot me an email at kgbolie[at]smallbusinessmajority.org.

  • Kevin_SBMKevin_SBM Small Business Engagement Manager Member admin

    @Architect Thanks for your feedback! If you have more information to share regarding the "level the playing field" piece, please shoot me an email at kgbolie[at]smallbusinessmajority.org

  • Kevin_SBMKevin_SBM Small Business Engagement Manager Member admin

    @BrokerDon Thanks for your feedback and I'm sorry to see the frustration you are experiencing. If you would like to share more details about your specific situation, please feel free to shoot me an email at kgbolie[at]smallbusinessmajority.org. Interested to hear your thoughts on the capital gains tax.

  • Kevin_SBMKevin_SBM Small Business Engagement Manager Member admin

    @wwwobbe Thanks for your insight here. We are gathering thoughts and concerns from business owners regarding the impact of proposed tax increases may have on the small business community. Your thoughts here are helpful and I am going to pass yours, along with several others in this thread, to our various teams.

  • Kevin_SBMKevin_SBM Small Business Engagement Manager Member admin

    @blvette75 Thank you for your feedback. Especially around the long-term effects of the pandemic and how potential tax increases may increase burdens for you. If you would like to share more details about your specific situation, please feel free to shoot me an email at kgbolie[at]smallbusinessmajority.org.

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