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Like many small businesses, I applied to various COVID-related government benefits that I am eligible for. In the last two days I learned that California EDD approved my Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) claim AND my bank approved my PPP application. Is my company allowed to accept both of these? I read that it is ok to accept PUA until the 8 weeks of PPP payroll kick in - is that true? Not trying to "double dip" from these benefits if I am not supposed to but do want to accept assistance that I can.


  • Brian_SBMBrian_SBM Vice President, Entrepreneurship Administrator admin

    @jv28 It's still unclear to us how accessing PPP affects PUA assistance. I think once you get PPP, you should inform EDD. I think they will ask if you received any earnings during your weekly form updates. You may still be eligible for the backdated amount, up until, like you said, the 8 weeks for PPP kicks in. I would avoid any appearance of double-dipping.

  • margieptorresmargieptorres Owner Member

    I also had both PPP & PUA approved. I received the backdated amounts under PUA and am reporting when I withdraw from my PPP loan for self-employment wages. I've been documenting my PPP withdrawals because the 8 week time clock started when funds were disbursed. This may probably stop my PUA benefits until after my 8 weeks. Since they have extended the 8 weeks to 24 weeks, this is making the rationing of Covid relief difficult. The PUA offered an additional $600 until July 31st. I would have waited to withdraw from my PPP loan until after July 31st, but was forced to do it based on the original Bill. Now, I'm mid-stream when the rules have changed. My bank is just referring to the SBA regarding loan forgiveness guidelines. I have not contacted the EDD about the PUA. I'm glad they are offering this relief for self-employed people. However, it is so counter-productive when the 2 programs are functioning without any coordination so people can maximize the available funds through the crisis. Is there a way to get help to sort this out?

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