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The foundations and conditions for the admission of students

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Undergraduate students

  1. The admission rate for high school is 60% or more in the College of Business, the College of Information Technology, the College of Arts and Design, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the specialty of renewable energy technology.

  2. The admission rate for high school is 70% in the College of Nursing and specializes in clinical nutrition and diets.

  3. The admission rate for high school is 75% in the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies.

  4. The admission rate for high school is 65% or more at the Faculty of Law.

  5. The admission rate in the general secondary school is 80% or more in the specializations of the College of Engineering and Technology except for the specialty of renewable energy technology, and the College of Pharmacy except for the specialization of clinical nutrition and diets.

  6. The acceptance rate of bridging is 68% for the Jordanian diploma for all colleges, except for the College of Engineering and Pharmacy, 70%.

  7. Jordanian and non-Jordanian students with an intermediate university degree from outside the Kingdom, regardless of their average in the educational institution from which they graduated outside the Kingdom, can apply directly to private universities in the corresponding majors, provided that Jordanian students clear the qualification exam held by Al-Balqa Applied University for bridging purposes.

  8. Non-Jordanian students have an exception for all university majors, for a maximum (15) score less than the permissible limit for admission rates for Jordanian students, and a rate of no more than (25)% of the total capacity for each major.

  9. Jordanian and non-Jordanian students with a diploma from inside and outside Jordan, the subjects are equivalent to a maximum of the corresponding majors, 50% of the study plan as a maximum.

Students with special needs who pass the Intermediate University Certificate Exam (Comprehensive Exam) two-year system and three-year system at a rate of no less than 65% in the majors corresponding to their majors in the intermediate university degree in formal universities within the regular program will be accepted through the Unified Coordination Coordination Unit In addition to the number to be accepted. They can also be admitted to private universities according to the capacity of each university.

10 - The number of credit hours taught by the student at the university to which he was transferred must not be less than (50%) of the total hours of the study plan at the university to which he is transferred.

The score for the subject that is equivalent to the transcript of student grades from the university transferred from inside and outside Jordan is (50%).
11- It is not permissible to grant any Jordanian student with another nationality an exception to the rate required for enrollment in the university.






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