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  • WendellWendell President Member

    Do we have to complete the long version of the EIDL application or is the streamlined version all they require?

  • Brian_SBMBrian_SBM Vice President, Entrepreneurship Administrator admin

    @Wendell the streamlined version is all they require at covid19relief.sba.gov. It's possible the SBA may contact you for additional information. Be sure to verify that your application ID matches any correspondence with the SBA to protect yourself from fraud.

  • MonaMona Owner Member

    I am a sole proprietor/retail business and have been open for 3.5 years. No employees. No profit. I haven't taken a salary. I have paid down considerable debt which leaves me nearly debt free.

    I am just at the point where I believe I would be able to take a paycheck. Also believe I could hire a person or 2 on a part-time basis this year. Then hits COVID-19.

    I was not able to pay March rent. I have bills starting to pile up.

    Initially the language and the wording from Government included "employees, rent and expenses" for loans, if 100% of them go towards rent and expenses like utilities and Internet/phone, is there a "forgiveness" clause or way that it can turn into one so that it would become in essence, a Grant with no payback?

    Thank you.

  • Brian_SBMBrian_SBM Vice President, Entrepreneurship Administrator admin

    @Mona 75% of the loan proceeds must go to payroll to qualify for forgiveness. It's still unclear if and how owner draws or other forms of compensation outside formal payroll arrangements for sole props will be calculated for the forgiveness. I would talk to your banker about your particular situation, but if you use the loan proceeds for things other than payroll, it will not be forgiven. The loan terms are 1% over 2 years, with 6 months deferment.

  • SoCalShadesSoCalShades President Member

    Hello. I tried to apply for the EIDL loan via the SBA website the end of March, but the site crashed. On March 25th I submitted a faxed application per the SBA website. I haven't heard anything. Was I supposed to submit a different application?

    Thanks in advance.

  • dlseylerdlseyler President Member

    I got the EIDL back in April. I am confused about the Collateral provision. It appears that any property that I acquire after accepting the loan will also serve as collateral for that loan. Is this correct? I have an opportunity to add locations to my business and would need the new locations for collateral for a new loan (not with the SBA). I am having a hard time getting in contact with someone at the SBA to answer this question.

  • ArtffinityArtffinity Founder and Executive Administrator Member

    Unfortunately, as a solo micro business owner, I did not qualify for the PPP the first round and I suppose I am still unable to qualify. However, I was informed that I was approved for the EIDL, the first go round. It was a very small amount compared with other businesses. As of this date, I still have not received the funds.

    I have spoken with several SBA contractors from April to December. I finally landed with a woman who I believed could resolve my challenges. Instead, she insists that I basically start from scratch by submitting all of the same documents. I sent her the original email along with the attachments and she still was not satisfied. I informed her that if I were working on a contract, the back and forth would have eaten up the amount of money that I was supposed to receive. I am not certain if reapplying again makes sense because I was approved the first time.

    The woman suggested that I confer with my bank and ask why the funds were never deposited . . . Confused: Why should I need to supply documentation again?

  • vdinkhavdinkha CEO Member

    The EIDL loan does not put a lien on your property for collateral. Its pretty much only FF&E

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