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FAMILY Act Continues To Build Momentum

Zachary_SBMZachary_SBM Director of Digital Engagement and StrategyAdministrator admin

In this week's article, WAMC Northeast Public Radio takes a look at the FAMILY Act with New York State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Do you agree with legislation that would create a national paid family leave policy? Share your thoughts on this important issue for small business owners!

FAMILY Act Continues To Build Momentum

WAMC Northeast Public Radio
October 8, 2019
Gillibrand has been pressing the issue for years. In April 2015 in Troy, Gillibrand cited a different poll conducted by the Small Business Majority, which found 6 in 10 entrepreneurs in New York state supported a publicly administered family and medical leave program.


  • trducharmetrducharme Owner Member

    This is an important issue for small businesses. We are working hard to get paid family leave passed in Colorado. The surprising thing is that the opposition is coming from Business groups that should support it if they were really representing the majority of their members. I admire Gillibrand and the work she has done on this topic.

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