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How AI Could Help Small Businesses

Zachary_SBMZachary_SBM Director of Digital Engagement and StrategyMember admin

In this week's article, the Harvard Business Review discusses ways that AI and technology can help small businesses grow. They also discuss how technology can be used to make small businesses more appealing to banks and other lenders through advanced forecasting and more data. Do you agree with the author?

How AI Could Help Small Businesses

Harvard Business Review
June 3, 2019
On a Thursday morning at 5:30 AM, Alex sipped her latte, her elbows atop the service counter. Each day at this time, the sunlight through the front window blanketed her coffee shop and she enjoyed a few moments of peace and quiet before the morning rush began. With 30 minutes to spare before she corralled her baristas for their morning pep talk (and shot of espresso), she unlocked her iPad and pulled up her most valuable assistant: her small business dashboard. In seconds, Alex’s supply advisor scoured her accounts, sales and expense histories, local weather forecasts, event information, and past tourism data, and told her she would need five new sets of filters and 1,000 plastic cups for the coming week. She ordered them from Amazon with a single touch.

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