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If the economy slides into a recession, what will you do to keep your business afloat?

Zachary_SBMZachary_SBM Director of Digital Engagement and StrategyAdministrator admin

If the economy starts to slide into a recession, small businesses will be hit hard. According to the Huffington Post, more than 170,000 closed between 2008-2010. To that end, I think it would be very helpful if the folks here in the community discussed what strategies they might use to stay afloat and profitable if the economy starts to slide into another recession. CNN posted a good article that outlined some of the signs that could indicate a recession is on the horizon. Being ready and understanding the stakes could be the difference in keeping your small business alive.

Full disclosure: Small Business Majority helped put Clifton Broumand in contact with CNN to be interviewed for this article.

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