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Traditional Bank Loans

Zachary_SBMZachary_SBM Director of Digital Engagement and StrategyAdministrator admin

Banks are the largest small business lenders and probably the first place you think about when getting a loan. They offer some of the lowest cost loans, but qualifying can be difficult; about 72% of small business owners who apply get rejected. There is a lot of information out there on how to qualify and receive traditional small business bank loans, but it can be hidden behind confusing marketing and advertising campaigns. There are some great tools available to get the information you need, like Small Business Majority's, but sometimes small business owners need to speak with other small business owners who have had success or struggles getting traditional small business bank loans.

Please share your experiences, anecdotes, tips, cautionary tales, and anything else related to traditional small business bank loans. Your words might help other small business owners avoid costly pitfalls while starting and growing their business!

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