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Debi_SBMDebi_SBM Entrepreneurship ManagerModerator mod is an online education and resource hub for small businesses that need help becoming loan ready. It allows you to compare small business funding options, find vetted local lenders as well as information on improving your credit score, putting together a loan package, marketing, networking and more.

The platform is run by Small Business Majority and we want to hear from you. Tell us about your experience, favorite part, and ideas for improvement.


  • jhudgins1963jhudgins1963 Owner Member
    No I haven't ventured this organization.
  • Debi_SBMDebi_SBM Entrepreneurship Manager Moderator mod

    If you have a minute, please check it out. I would like to hear your thoughts. The website is

  • markarnett1965markarnett1965 contractor Member
    Be nice to get help to make our country beautiful again
  • Cassie_SBMCassie_SBM Vice President, Communications Administrator, Moderator admin

    In honor of Financial Literacy Month, I wanted to share a recent blog from our Finance 101 series about how to build wealth as a small business owner to secure your future. We've also shared articles on how to find a small business bank account, business credit cards, accounting software and more! You can check out the post and find links to the rest of the series here:

  • Bianca_SBMBianca_SBM Northern CA Outreach Manager Moderator mod

    @LA_Calkins Credit score improvement resources are absolutely featured on Venturize. Where are you located??

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