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I dont fit in the box, but i need help too!!

DirtRichDirtRich Founder and CEOMember
Hello Everyone,
I believe... Well, im trying to maintain a belief, that there is hope out there for someone like me. More than anything, i feel like I cant possibly be the only one to feel left out and left behind.
I am the founder and CEO of a female owned, single member LLC. I began operation approx 05/19/2019 but did not incorporate until Feb 2020. In fact, I was officially incorporated on Feb 18th, 3 days from the universal magic date that deems a business eligible for assistance or relief.
This is where things get even more dicey... A couooe yeats ago i was the victim of a horrendus identity theft scheme. Being naïve to how severly that stuff can affect someone, ultimately my credit was RUINED, to the point that im still trying to get things removed and i even struggled to open a business bank account at first.
Due to my damaged credit (approx 580) and my lack of a substantial "conventional" business checking I am rendered "un-assistable".
If anyone has any advice at all or could send me in a direction to find some help I would be forever grateful!
UPDATE: I was able to find help in the amount of approx. 20k from the PPP program, however I have a need for relief still in areas that I am not able to delegate funds to accordong to the guidleines of the PPP. So my search continues for any advise or assistance that may have a broader scope of acceptable uses.
Thank you for your time, and I send my thoughts and best wishes to all of you!!


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