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Small Business Hopes For First 100 Days In Office

Kevin_SBMKevin_SBM Small Business Engagement ManagerMember admin

As we enter the critical first 100 Days of Joe Biden's Presidency, what are some small business initiatives that you are hoping to see? What initiatives do you think will have the greatest positive impact on small business owners across the nation?


  • SmallBizBrianSmallBizBrian CEO Member

    An Energy Efficiency Infrastructure plan that is focused on providing small businesses the opportunities and set-asides to be the main contract holders. Currently federal agencies contract with Large Energy Servicing Companies or Publicly Owned Utilities to perform this work due to procurement availability and these big businesses effectively dictate the subcontract awards. We need these agencies to have direct engagement with small business to perform this vital work to fight climate change and invest in our own infrastructure to operate more efficiently.

  • hotshootershotshooters Owner Member
    Need info on working capital
  • neleh10neleh10 CEO Member

    Concerned about the intent to reverse the TRUMP Tax cuts for Small businesses. With COVID issues, the Tax cuts have been beneficial in keeping many in business. Democrats have a history of not supporting small businesses and focus on large business opportunities and treating small businesses like large.

  • blvette75blvette75 Owner Member

    We need to have a definitive plan for incentives to get people back to work, whether it is grants and/or loans but with everything having been shutdown for about 3/4 of a business year there has to be some incentives to hire.

  • janewhite55janewhite55 President Member
    EIDL was a failure to independent workers. SBA must help the independent contractor and not resource it out. The independent contractor must be given the correct information prior to completing the application.and given correct information prior before punishing the independent contractor for lack of knowledge. Keep the banks out, it was too messy!
  • bryanwachsbryanwachs CEO Member

    Stop throwing economic development dollars at big organizations because they are big. The money is not reaching who it needs to reach. Rural areas are getting very little of this money. People are moving to rural areas with broadband to work remotely and build companies. COVID has taught us that rural can rise with the internet. It needs to be supported through local organizations.

  • brandonlindleybrandonlindley Managing Member Member

    EIDL payment relief or moratorium - my first payment is coming due this August and we are not remotely out of the pandemic or producing cashflow to be able to afford the additional EIDL payment I have taken on.

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