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PPP Round 2 - How to determine amount when we were shut down for 6 months of 2020?

We are preparing to apply for Round 2 of the PPP, but our business was largely shut down for half of last year. If we have to use the full year of 2020 to determine our PPP funding amount, that is not a good representation of our average monthly payroll.

Our business began to be active again in the middle of September. Would it be acceptable to use our Q4 2020 numbers to determine average monthly payroll? (Meaning just dividing our Q4 total payroll by 3). We are working again, and happily are getting more work moving into 2021 so that is a much more accurate representation of our average monthly payroll than looking at 2020 as a whole.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can advise me on how to proceed.

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