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Are you still struggling even after receiving PPP funds? Share your story!

Zachary_SBMZachary_SBM Director of Digital Engagement and StrategyMember admin

Has your business already spent your PPP funds to pay workers according to the initial eight-week rule and are now having to lay them off again due to slow business recovery? Was the PPP money not enough to keep your business afloat? Are you now worried about qualifying for PPP forgiveness because of a misunderstanding of the rules?

Share your story here and learn from other small business owners in a similar circumstance. We will also try to provide any resources and answers we can to help!



  • atiati educational consultant Member

    unfortunately I'm still struggling even after receiving PPP funds
    if I make this story short remaking this business is hard
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  • dcreativecookdcreativecook Owner/ operation manager Member

    Our PPP loan was below $10.000 We are still struggling to find funds to continue our business. can anyone give us advise to access grants and EIDL Loans. We have applied but unfortunately we have been unsuccessful. Any advise will be helpful.
    Clifton & Vanessa Cato
    Creative Caribbean Catering & Food Truck

  • Xiomara_SBMXiomara_SBM VP, Engagement Moderator mod
    edited August 2021

    Hi @dcreativecook, I loved reading about your small business! I haven't had really good Jamaican food since I worked in the Inglewood area so your site brought back delicious memories! I'm so sorry to hear you're still struggling to find capital for your business. We do have partners in the NC region, however many of the programs we are aware of connect you to low-cost loan options. You may have learned about the Southern Opportunity and Resiliency (SOAR) Fund program which offers loan capital of up to $100k for businesses recovering from the impacts of COVID. The EIDL loan has been revamped, and they now have a "micro EIDL" produce that doesn't require you provide a personal guarantee or collateral if your eligible EIDL is under $25k. I'd be happy to pass along more info if you'd be interested. Was this helpful?

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