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A place for small business owners and employees to engage with each other and with experts from business organizations and advocacy groups on ways to make their small businesses thrive. We believe small businesses are not just the backbone of the American economy; they are its foundation.

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  • COVID-19: Resources and Discussions for Small Businesses
    Please be respectful of each other and use this community to share advice, resources and anything else that might help your fellow small business owners get through the COVID-19 crisis. You are encouraged to ask questions! Our staff at Small Business Majority, our partners at other organizations and fellow entrepreneurs will try to provide answers to the best of our abilities. Anything ranging from small business loans/grants, the COVID-19 stimulus package, unemployment insurance and more.
    RSS Feed 56 discussions 171 comments Most recent: 401K and Pension -Defined Benefit Plan by Brian_SBM January 14
  • Financing & Access to Capital
    Have you struggled to get financing for your business? This is a place to post discussions related to tools and resources for accessing capital and to engage with each other on best practices and challenges you might have faced along the way.
    RSS Feed 7 discussions 17 comments Most recent: F&M RADIOLOGY MEDICAL CENTER INC TIN 90-0034697 by Brian_SBM June 2020
  • Marketing & Sales
    The world of marketing can be very overwhelming for small businesses. This is a place to discuss strategies and tools for marketing your business and selling your products.
    RSS Feed 13 discussions 8 comments Most recent: Let's talk SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by BigWhiskeyJack January 12
  • Business Management & Operations
    A place to discuss the strategies small business owners can use to get more efficient and profitable.
    RSS Feed 9 discussions 4 comments Most recent: Starting an ecommerce store by dawgnancy October 2020
  • Employee Management & Workforce Issues
    Offering benefits to find and retain talented workers is a major barrier for most small businesses. Many small business owners and self-employed entrepreneurs also struggle to access affordable healthcare and retirement security for themselves. This is a place to discuss workforce issues and share tips and resources for accessing benefits and training employees.
    RSS Feed 4 discussions 10 comments Most recent: Can someone explain what exactly Secure Choice is? by Bianca_SBM April 2019
  • Access to affordable healthcare is one of the biggest issues facing all Americans and specifically those who own and work for small businesses. This is a place to discuss healthcare issues related to small businesses.
    RSS Feed 3 discussions 3 comments Most recent: Sustainability Concepts by Kevin_SBM January 2019
  • This is a place to talk about ways that small business owners can afford retirement programs and plan for their own retirement and help employees access retirement options.
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  • General
    Please only post in General Discussions if your discussion doesn't fit under one of our categories. If your discussion is related to an existing category, it will be moved to that category.
    RSS Feed 24 discussions 34 comments Most recent: EIDL forgiveness by Brian_SBM January 14
  • Looking for an experienced and trusted adviser? Interested in teaching and mentoring other small business owners in need of advice? Develop these mentor/mentee relationships here!
    RSS Feed 2 discussions 4 comments Most recent: What's Most Important to You in a Mentor by bettywatersedge September 2020
  • Blog Profiles
    Check out Small Business Majority's weekly Blog Profiles. Let us know what you think!
    RSS Feed 1 discussion 0 comments Most recent: The foundations and conditions for the admission of students by shakibhussan359 April 2020
  • Community Digest and Discussion
    We want to provide a place for business owners like you to discuss current events and issues that are impacting small businesses across the country. When business owners can learn from others in similar situations or gain a better understanding of small business issues, the community at large will benefit. At Small Business Majority, we are always looking for feedback and insights from real business owners like you so that we can do a better job providing education, resources and advocacy.
    RSS Feed 27 discussions 59 comments Most recent: Will you be applying for the second round of PPP? by RobbyNow71 January 14
  • Community Feedback
    This is a newly designed community aimed to be the #1 online resource for small businesses. We want feedback from real small business owners, employees, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs on how we can provide a better experience to support all of you!
    RSS Feed 1 discussion 0 comments Most recent: Adoption plan by JBJ2110 December 2018
  • California Small Business Summit
    The California Small Business Summit was a full-day event in Los Angeles on January 30, 2019. For those who were able to attend the California Small Business Summit, please continue all the discussions here in our Online Community! We have provided links and discussions for all the topics covered during the Summit! For those who were unable to attend the California Small Business Summit, please join the discussion now with your fellow small business owners and small business experts!
    RSS Feed 4 discussions 1 comment Most recent: HOPE's Too Big to Ignore: Latina Microbusiness Owners Report by Claudia_SBM February 2019